Study to Immigrate Program

How Study to Immigrate in Canada Program Works!

The Study and Immigrate to Canada program is so simple!!

You will choose a program of study you like or from our list and we will find you a school to enroll you in.

After you successfully graduate and gained some work experience, we will handle your application for Permanent Residency without leaving Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

You can work while you study!

As an International Student, you are eligible for an open off-campus work permit.

This will allow you to work 20 hours/week, in any job position you wish during your normal school schedule. During school breaks and holidays, you are eligible to work full-time.

You can bring your family with you!

You can bring your spouse and family to Canada while you are studying. Your spouse is eligible for an open work permit; they can work full-time in any job position they choose in Canada.
Your dependent children can attend school!
If you have dependent children, they can attend Canada’s world-class public schools without the need of a student visa.

Post-Graduate Work Permit!

After you complete your studies, you and your spouse are eligible for an open post-graduate work permit for at least the length of your study program. This means that you are allowed to work and live in Canada while your application for Canadian Permanent Residence is in the process to ensure you have continuous status in Canada.

Why Choose Canada

  • studying in Canada will give you the career & job-ready skills needed to
  • successfully integrate into the Canadian labor market
  • allows you and your spouse to work in Canada while you study
  • allows you and your family to immigrate to Canada permanently
  • allows your dependent children to accompany you
  • dependent children will be eligible to attend Canada’s world-class public schools without the need for a student visa

Steps2Canada will be there for you every step of the way until you receive your Permanent Residency in Canada.